Beef Stew

A delicious slow cooked stew that is all prep work and patience. Not too difficult to make if you've got a cutting board and knife.

Servings: Enough for 4 people to have multiple bowls

Time: maybe .5hr prep time and 6 hours cooking

Difficulty: Easy



(all inside a crockpot)

  1. Cut up shallot and onion, form base layer
  2. spice layer with paprika and chili
  3. put meat down, dust with flour
  4. slice 2 potatoes and cover meat in them
  5. spice layer with paprika and chili
  6. slice peppers, carrots and add as layer
  7. slice last potato and form last layer
  8. spice layer with paprika and chili
  9. Pour in beef broth
  10. Add bayleaves on top
  11. slow cook for ~6.5 hours on low. I turned it up to high for about an hour about halfway through.
  12. stir
  13. serve
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