Adding Right Click context actions to Caja


Added an exifstrip command to Caja

I wrote about how to use exiftools to strip image meta data from images in nautilus before. But not everyone use's nautilus. If you happen to be using Caja then it's pretty easy to create your own context menu addition easily.

Caja scripts are stored in your ~/.config/caja/scripts directory, and adding any script, then making it executable will cause it to appear in the context menu under "scripts". So to add your own exif stripping tool to your menus, you can add the following:


    mimetype $f | grep "image" && exiftool -all= $f

Once done, a quick chmod a+x ~/.config/caja/scripts/strip-exif will make it executable and you'll be off to the races. No big GUI messes like nautilus, just simple scripting. If you like adding context menus or scripting, a good list of the variables available to you is located here.

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