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College fried Chicken

I've recently picked up cooking, taking pictures of my food, and SnapChatting my meals to all my friends. For the few that respond positively, I generally share the recipes with them via a painful exercise in thumb-fu on my tiny phones keyboard. To say the least, writing out ingredient lists and instructions within 6 texts (my phone has a maximum of 960 characters for multi-part messages) is a pain.

I had been playing around with Harp and was inspired to explore the idea of a Static site with dynamic content. So after looking into HTML template's and decided on using Handlebars, I started creating a simple site that loaded up a template with an image in it. After a while, the idea to place my recipes onto the site to share them with my friends occured to me.

It was very easy to implement. The whole thing probably only took a couple of hours at most. To make generating the content easier, I created a form that created copyable JSON data that should be sent along with an image to my email. Git savvy cooks could fork the project and submit a pull request with a modification to the recipe.js file as well as an image. There's no need to specify img/ in the Image url because the template I created includes the directory by default.

I showed it to my friend and she sent me a couple recipes and I added them to the site. Pretty much anything goes with what kinds of recipes. I created a simple title search box that helps filter out the content pretty easily.

It was a fun project and I'll probably keep adding recipes to it as I cook more. You can check it out here

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