Context Menu Button to remove Exif Metadata


Adding Exif Stripping to your Context menu

When you take pictures using your smartphone, camera, or anything like that. Do you ever notice that social media giants like Google or Facebook are able to attach a location and time to the pictures without any prompting from you? Or ever wonder how someone on a forum where you've shared work is able to know your shutter settings and what kind of camera you used?

The answer, is [Exif Meta-data]

If you don't want to be sharing this type of information, but you still want to share your imagery, you might have learned about exiftool. And if you've already got it installed, then removing meta-data is as simple as opening a terminal and running: exiftool -all= <filename>

This is fine, but what if you want to be able to right click an image and quickly strip the data? Well, here's how you do that if you're using the Nautilus file browser (Assuming you've already installed exiftools).

First install nautilus actions

sudo apt-get install nautilus-actions 

Open the configuration for commands


Create and define the command

Restart nautilus if you need to with nautilus -q then right click an image

Hopefully this makes removing metadata easier for linux users out there using nautilus. I'm sure that for other window managers there are similar methods. If you have any other tips or useful commands to add to the context menu feel free to drop them in the comments section.

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