Private Talk and plans for some tutorials


Private Talk. A simple chat server behind apache

I've been into CGI recently and wanted to continue the trend. So I started a new project to make a small chat server. You might ask yourself, why do that? Everyone uses facebook Chat or G+ chat now-a-days. No one uses AIM or Yahoo to message people anymore.

And to that I say: yeah but everyone stores your data.*

So recent life events have left in me in a situation where one of my closest friends is going to be overseas for a while and I wanted a way to talk to them. Following the opposing view to the NIH principle and satisfying my natural curiousity of how hard it would be to make a chat server, combined with this situation has resulted in a small chat server being made.

It was really easy.

So easy in fact, that I'm thinking I will write a couple blog posts with tutorials in them on how to make your own private chat server. I think it will be fun, and hopefully helpful to people learning everywhere. The structure of the tutorial will probably be something like this:

I'm hoping that will be an alright pace for things and will probably provide sample code as some type of small library.

* Not everyone, for example there is this excellent project going on:

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