Proxy Paranoia and DNS resolves


Proxies, Paranoia, and resolv.conf

Having some weird issues...

I've been having this weird issue lately, well, actually a couple of weird issues. Mainly the following for the last few months or so:

So, if I lost connection and tried to go anywhere over HTTPS, I'd see this lovely image:

And if I tried over regular HTTP I'd see:

Enough is enough

So the other day I was looking at some funny pictures on the internet and happened to lose connection. This was when I discovered that my HTTPS connections were routing themselves, on 404's, to a certificate claiming to be from Finding this rather odd, I inspected the certificate and compared it to the one which a friend could view.

Same certificate. This should have been a dead ringer for my problem, but instead I ran off the notion that before, when I had upgraded chromium, I had also been fooling around with the --proxy-server, so maybe something had gone wrong there.

I checked my settings, my gnome settings and config. Opened up iftop and tried to figure out where my connection was going and why. I pinged my friend Phelan, and together we slodged through the output of env, netstat, /etc/hosts, and I even peered through my service --status-all looking for malicious programs.

We chatted back and forth trying to figure things out. Finally, I ran a wget and noticed this:

$ wget
--2014-12-12 14:50:57--
Resolving (
Connecting to (||:443... connected.
ERROR: cannot verify's certificate, issued by `/C=US/ST=Arizona/L=Scottsdale/, Inc./OU= Daddy Secure Certificate Authority - G2':
  Unable to locally verify the issuer's authority.
ERROR: no certificate subject alternative name matches
    requested host name `'.
To connect to insecurely, use `--no-check-certificate'.

After checking the IP address a few times and convincing myself that it was the real server. It finally occured to me.

"Oh, it's RESOLVING the address from that ip."

And from there it was one step into /etc/resolv.conf to find my issue:


In the picture I've already commented out the two offending lines

This was when my memory came in, and I recalled that at the first hackvt event I had gone to, we had needed to add the resolv to get something to work. I don't remember what, but I do know that that was 3 years or so ago. And once I took out the two offending lines and ran /etc/init.d/networking restart that I then got the best 404 of my life:

$ wget
--2014-12-12 15:42:58--
Resolving ( failed: Name or service not known.
wget: unable to resolve host address `'

Two birds with one stone

Thinking about how my internet sometimes kicked itself when I had a lot of tabs open and then got a 404, I opened up the documentation on resolv.conf out of curiousity and found a nice surprise in the search section:

"Note that this process may be slow and will generate a lot of network traffic if the servers for the listed domains are not local, and that queries will time out if no server is available for one of the domains."

And suddenly, why I lost internet on 404's all the time was made clear to me. So, sorry internet, I was likely a bad netizen for a few years and I bet there's a sysadmin out there who is really confused why someone was trying to use his web server as a DNS.

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