Spray ToResponseMarshallable "Too Many Arguments" error


Spray ToResponseMarshallable "too many arguments" Error

So you've setup a Spray API of some kind. You've got controllers, JSON, all sorts of goodies. You're working happily away when a co-worker wants to write some tests for improper behavior. Sure! You say, and watch them send a request with malformed content and improper urls.

You're suddenly looking at a very plaintext output from spray that says:

The requested resource could not be found.

Oops. Looks like you forgot to add a rejection handler! Luckily, Johannes has your back, providing a useful gist. You use it as an example and write your own, returning your own response message with a BadRequest status code.

case MalformedRequestContentRejection(message, _) :: _ => {                     
    complete(StatusCodes.BadRequest, AwesomeResponseObject(400, RequestFailed(message)))

And then your compile fails:

[error] src/main/scala/com/example/routing/MyRoutes.scala:48: too many arguments for method apply: (v1: => spray.httpx.marshalling.ToResponseMarshallable)spray.routing.StandardRoute in trait Function1
[error]                     complete(StatusCodes.BadRequest, AwesomeResponseObject(400, RequestFailed(msg)))

What? This rather unhelpful message is complaining because the neccesary magnets you need to have imported to handle the complete method aren't in place. How do you get them? Simple:

import spray.http._

I found this through some trial and error and intuition. But I'm not sure where in the package the neccesary information is defined. So I'm not sure how to make this import be only what is neccesary. Still, hope this helps, as the only other person I've seen with this error did not link a solution but rather just cluttered up github.

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