The soft music and yellow glow of the room she's in does little to cheer her up. Delicate piano music wavering past her ears as she writes out the check to give to the doctor. As the tail end of her signature finishes with a cursive curl, the door to her right opens.

"Heeey", A soft voice intrudes.

Glancing upward through her bangs, she spies a warm smile. Gathering herself and quickly tearing the check from the checkbook she greets back and walks through the now open door. Weaving through the hallway down the path she has walked each day for years.

Stepping inside the office at the end of the hall, the check is placed on the desk inside and she sits down on the couch. Adjusting the pillow, fluffing her hair, and smoothing her skirt. Glancing up, she watches the therapist close the door and sit down.

Smiling at her, she asks how things are going. And the words begin to flow.

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