Conversational, that's how she'd describe it. Her meager abilities in the language of the nation she was in was somewhat laughable. But her determination was steady. A busy and hectic schedule had prevented her from studying as much as she wanted, and a notepad with a few phrases on it served her when memory could not.

Minor victories, interactions with cashiers, train car attendents, and hotel workers pleased her. Though it was only a few words here and there, and mainly "please" and "thank you", it felt good to not come off as an outsider all the time.

Her thoughts were interrupted by a young man with glasses. His black suit and scanning device lending him an air of authority. She didn't recognize the words for ticket, but she fished it out without trouble and handed it over. Watching his face move from a frown to a smile as he verified the paper with her card. His job must be difficult, especially when he finds people smuggling themselves.

Thanking him, she smiled and settled back into her seat. His twin silver sickle earings jingling as he walked through the cart to the next car. Sighing contently, she wriggled her jacket off and hugged herself a little bit. Another one down! Her cover blown by the text of her card, the ticket checker had still spoken to her in his native tongue instead. Perhap's she looked competant?

Surveying her clothes and hurried hair, doubt to that last thought crept in. Mussing her hair, and smoothing the folds in her shirt she breathed deeply and attempted not to worry. A thousand thoughts hidden behind the blue eyes peering so curiously out the window. I wonder if I took the wrong train? What if my ticket was bad and that guy is going to come off and throw me off the train? What do I do when they offer me food? How do I ask how much it costs again? What if another passenger talks to me and I don't know how to respond? What if I'm taken advantage of because I don't understand? My money stolen? Left out and alone with no where to go in a strange land?

Shaking her head quickly, she lightly tapped her fingertips against her cheeks and stealed herself. No, I will handle each thing as it comes and not worry about it until I have to! I'm going to enjoy traveling! The sun was beginning to peak out from above the forest. Its warmth on her face felt nice; looking out the window at the fields whizzing by she took in the countryside. The tree's, though leafless, marked the blue sky above with their tangled lines. Combined with the streaks of sun, it painted a picture not unlike ones she had in grade school. Fluffy white clouds dozing in the sky, slowly making their way through the sea of air as if they were massive cruise ships. Each carrying a watery cargo. The farms on either side of the train tiny ports for them to unload on.

Lost in thought, she hardly noticed the time go by, and her intense curiousity kept her mind busy without troubling any of the other passengers. Inane thoughts, foreign thoughts, of wonderment for the length of time of the current season, the greenness of the grass, the blueness of the sky all compared to her home country. There wasn't much different, but it felt different. Something about being on her own and traveling made it feel more crisp, more real. As the train pulled into its station she readied herself and prepared her "thank you"s and "excuse me"s. Smiling, she stepped onto the platform and into her next adventure.

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