Blue Dress


Blue Dress

The hotel room was nice. Fuzzy carpet, fluffy beds, even the stains on the wall seemed artistic somehow. The man on the bed shifted, intermediately staring at his hands and at the slightly tilted photo of a sunset on the wall. A knock on the door pulled him out of thought.

Getting up, he straightened his tie and collar as he walked to the door. A quick peek through the looking glass showed a face he was familiar with, a face he was excited to see. With the clacking of locks coming undone, the door opened to reveal the friend closing a small purse and just looking up.

Their eyes met. A smile forming at the corner of hers as she took him in, black suit, striped blue tie, hair parted neatly yet somehow still remaining tossled in devil-may-care fashion on his head. She stepped inside and they folded in a close hug.

He told her she looked beautiful, absolutely gorgeous, and drunk the elegance of the woman in front of him in. A long floor length blue dress, velvet, which accentuated each curve clung tightly to her body. The bulk of her hair in a bun, the elegance of her visage was unobscured: leaving the smiling almond eyes and crooked smile framed perfectly by the whisps of side bangs free of the bun.

They began talking, still holding each other in arms, catching up with each other and standing in comfort. Only after he brought up food did they disengage and move to sit on the bed, munching happily on a pre-party snack. Their hands brushing each others as they pulled pretzels from a small bowl, neither called attention to it, but neither needed to.

Before long, a watch beeped and the two left the room and wandered down the corriders of the hotel. Talking to each other about the latest news and various problems they had noted and been thinking about it. The conversation didn't stop in the car, nor at the party; save for the times when laughter and panting from dancing took precedence. Retiring at last to the room again, they both sunk onto the bed next to each other.

A few yawns later, the woman rolled on top of him, placing her head into the crux of his shoulder. Giving her a gentle side hug, he stroked the hair, now unleashed from her bun, away from her face and looked down at her. Her eyes caught his and she shifted more of her weight on top of him Covering him like a blanket, the corner of her lip disappeared as she gently bit and sucked it in on one side. Her thoughts evident, he gently slid his finger down her arm and tangled his fingers in hers.

Clasping palm to palm, pulled her up, stretching his arms above his head and bringing her face close to his own. Gentle "I love yous" exchanged, they kissed, smiled, and fell asleep.

Authors Note: This piece is pretty much the opposite of what I dreamt about last night, I had a nightmare involving a girl in a blue dress, but she was angry, and she was hitting me and yelling at me. I don't know why, and I woke up rather upset. Consider this narrative piece therapeutic writing if you will.

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