A plump white hat danced on top of the baker's head. The flour blowing up from the counter as he kneaded and rolled the dough in front of him. An aged apron collected the swirling flakes drifting around him, their bright color contrasting against the slightly off-white of the used cloth.

The dough underneath his hands melded and squished as he applied the weight of his body against it. The small patches of grey wispy hair curled out from underneath his hat and bobbed up and down as he bounced. Lightly rocking side to side and humming to himself as he stretched the dough out over pan before beginning to fold it. Contorting each fold into a simple braided pattern, he smiled and brushed oil onto the top before settling the bread inside of the heated oven nearby.

The scent of fresh bread filled the room over the hours and soon enough a rich golden brown loaf emerged from the oven. Wrapping the bread in a air-tight container, he wobbled out of the kitchen and placed the bread on a shelf, ready for purchase.

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