Bus Station


Bus Station

The sleepy duo, hair tossed and turned, stood embraced on the platform. The minutes slowly ticked away the time left before they'd have to part. Each second felt long, but not long enough, and the whispering of memories lit the sombering air.

Without regard to those around them, they held each other close. Her hand stroking his back with her thumb, and his arms holding her tightly as he buried his face in her hair. Her face in his chest, she whispered encouragement and assurances to his heart.

Twenty minutes was hardly long, and the bus was soon pulling in. Other passengers gathered their belongings, fussed with their bags, and began filing up to the door. Hurriedly helping, the bus driver shuffled back and forth between the cargo doors and the strip of people, his puzzle pieces all falling in place.

Falling apart, the two broke apart. His hand running through her hair as he looked into her eyes and surveyed her face. The lit up almond eyes, brown, and rich with feeling. The small and kissable nose, it's slight shine catching his eyes as they traveled downward. Her mouth, smiling sadly, uncoloured, held his gaze and begged him to say something. Her arms coming up over him once more, squeezing tightly as he gently kissed her and breathed in the feeling of her one last time.

Stepping aboard, he paid for his ticket from the less-than-pleased bus driver and quickly found a window seat. Turning to look outward he saw her. Small on the platform from his vantage points, her mismatched socks peaking out over small worn in shoes. Smiling, the two silently said goodbye again, each without words to fit to the feelings.

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