The click of the heat turning on, the clatter of plates, cutting boards, and ingredients being pulled from their shelves. The man stands in his kitchen, surveying the puzzle pieces in front of him. With quick deft movements, he fills the kettle with water, the pan with oil, and the stove with a sheet.

He pulls the golden cheese from its sheath and selects a knife from the block. Cutting thin slices from it, inhaling the aroma of the meal soon to come. The wafers of soon-to-be melted cheese lay delicately across the halved bread roll, a small skimming of butter underneath each. Into the oven the pieces go.

Unscrewing the jar, the aroma of sweet and sour oranges permeates the air, another knife selected from the block, and the chicken is soon sliced into manageable pieces, each a few centimeters thick. The man hovers his hand over the pan; feeling the heat and examining the layer of oil sliding around. Carefully, he lays the chicken into rows, happily whistling to himself as the sizzling sound of food begins to cheer him.

Next, he reaches into the cabinet, pulling out the last tea bag he has, smelling the aroma before boiling the now boiling water across it. Closing the mug off with a plate to steep, he turns his attention back to the oven. Peering in briefly, he quickly opens the unit and rotates the bread for an even heating. The scent of toast hits him and he smiles, before coming up to savor the smell of the meat.

A few more minutes, a few more flips of chicken and some milk into his tea his breakfast is nearly done. A final touch of sliced green peppers to add color to his meal before he combines each piece together. Completing the jigsaw of his meal he smiles, ready for a new day and a new meal.

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