Her tiny hand wrapped around the edge of the plastic armrest. Eyes intently focused and brow raised in excitement. The child was happy, moving the arm attached to the bench up and down and enthusiastically saying "here it comes!" to the grey haired woman nodding along.

With encouragement from her mother and the people around her she continued exploring. Her discovery of the world, and successive relay of that knowledge to those around her, brought smiles to their faces. Waving happily to the child across from her she tapped her feet and the blue lights sparkled from her heels.

The blonde fluff on his hair tossed back and forth as he returned the wave. With the other hand he clung to his mother's shirt. Shy and younger by a year, he preferred watching out the window over touching. Whenever a truck went by his eyes grew wide. The colors and lights of the fire trucks enticed his curiosity. On the beckoning of his squeals his mother raised him to get a better look, and his joyful screams prompted the girl to look as well.

Together the two families shared this moment. Mother's smiling at their young and nodding in understanding at one another; children caught in the joy of something shiny, its noise and discord delivering them from the mundane life of daycare. The time passed and as the dopplering siren faded away the young children sat heavily back onto their seats. Staring out the windows eager for something more than their mother's lap.

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