A cool morning wind hushed the people standing at the station. One pair, a young man and an older woman continued their conversation once the bluster died down. His paper was momentarily set aside and his attention focused on the white haired woman in front of her. She continued her light hearted conversation with him.

"You like cold? You got a favorite season? Her smile and tone indicated she did.

His cardigan buttoned fully and hot coffee clutched in hand his answer surprised her, "I like the fall, not a fan of summer."

She recalled stories from the last 10 years, telling him of winter's past, people she knew, and old jokes she had. Laughing and patting old friends as they walked by. To many waiting at the station, the two were just another set of faces, to each other, they were two humans. Engaged with each other and not seeped in their devices. The laughter between wasn't the short bursts of sly comments or image macros, but deep guffaws of pleasure.

Despite their age difference, mutual respect between the two was evident. His even tone and eager ear appreciated by his elder; her open nature and parables from her life accepted happily by him. As they stood to enter the bus with the others and parted ways, the man, his curiosity peeked, sat where he could keep an eye on his morning friend. Her seat across another elderly woman quickly filled the vehicle with gossip, advice, and tales of family.

The two women carried on, their conversation focused on the cost of spring water versus using a filter. His acquaintance, her long white hair bobbing up and down was surprised when the other woman stated that the filter was much cheaper. Tallying the amount of water she drank in a week, she raised her head and looked around for help.

"I'm not very good at math, $3.99 times 7, what is that?" Her expectant look sweeping over the buses passengers, eyes stopping on an occupant she recognized.

"It's about twenty eight dollars"

Jaw dropped, she exclaimed an "oh my" and turned back to listen to the senior across from her again. Their conversation shifting to the various pills they took, aches, and maladies they experienced in their old age. With a set of compliments about looking good for their age, one of them stood to leave the bus at the stop. Thin legs wobbling and swaying as she did. The short haired woman watched her comiserater leave then leaned to her friend besides her: "she's 5 years younger than me and has more health problems!"

Frowning, the man drank another sip of his coffee and watched the woman he had talked to earlier waddle away from the bus stop. The white fur vest making a fashion statement that he dared not to. Despite the wind, she had the zipper undone and didn't seem bothered by the weather as she made her way towards the grocery store. No doubt to buy a filter. The man wondered what he might learn today that could help him. While the other woman continued complaining about health issues and comparing herself to the departed lady, he sipped his coffee and watched the landscape go by. Looking for inspiration.

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