Fashion Show


Fashion Show

Her eyes closed, the woman felt fingers kneading and massaging her head. Applying gel, hair spray, and various products with expert care. Casual conversation between the two carried on until a manager hustled through the open door and called out a time.

From there, the planning for the show powered into full swing. Makeup, hair, oils and clothing were assembled for each model. Designers fussed over their victims like mother hens and adjusted straps, bands, and buttons continuously. One man, his artist dressing him in green, fumed quietly and kept flexing his arms in irritated obedience as the designer prattled on about posing. Meanwhile, the makeup artist was painting half his face in a large star.

Despite the tensed atmosphere of backstage there was a buzzing of excitement in everyone. Rapt anticipation at every word of the manager, cocked ears towards the haughty voices of the two announcers. Everyone was on edge with hopes of headlines from the media. Designers prayed for praise and that their models wouldn't trip up their careers. With a fanfare and roar of sound, the fashion show began

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