Grand March


Grand March

Tuba reverberating tones bounced low off the mass of people under the tent. The fanfare of trumpets in syncopated rythm harolded the beginning of the polka tune. The Drum beat out a march, and soon enough the line of dirndl and lederhosen clad people with their hands on each other's shoulders began winding through the crowd.

The grand march cheered out with the singers of the German oompah band and raised their steins of beer high. Roaring in approval to the tune of the march they happily followed the tuba player around the tent. Winding through people, around the food lines, through the beer sellers, and back into the open space in front of the band. They wound into a close spiral, the tuba player holding his instrument high into the air. Spinning and spinning until the entire line had formed into a circle.

With one swell of the band the tune lifted up from the march into a great outburst. Then. Promptly segued into the Chicken dance.

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