Good Day


Good Day

Eyes opening to the hazy blur of sleepiness, his body shifted underneath the thin sheets. Pulling his hand out of the covers, he rubbed his eyes and surveyed the room.

A desk lamp filled the room with orange, the dresser on the other side of the room stood solemnly next to the hamper. A small cloth bin sat next to the single window; grey shined through the wall poster doubling as a curtain.

Rolling over, he swept his arm underneath his pillow. Encountering a hard spot he fished it out and gazed at the object in his hand. The gears in his mind sleepily turning, he registered his phone as it began buzzing and trilling out the alarm tone. Startled, he thumbed the volume button and stopped the noise almost as soon as it began.

Staring at the ceiling he took a mental checklist of himself. Relaxed, the weight of the blankets over him felt right. His mind was surprisingly alert for so early in the morning. 6:28 blared from the LED display of the device still in his hand. Shifting his body he sat up and hung off the end of his bed. Rising, the lightheaded feeling rushed over him, momentarily phasing his vision with pixelated white stars.

Blinking away the headrush, he cursed his metabolism for keeping him perpetually underweight for his height before slipping on a pair of pants and meandering to the bathroom. Brushing his hair out of his eyes he looked into the mirror and smiled. Today was going to be a good day.

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