The crackling fires inside glowed through the pumpkin faces on the steps. Swirls of white and grey netting meshed overhead in a fake web complete with oversized rubber spiders and bats. The leaves on the ground, bundled in composting piles, were a blush of color on the thinning grass. The Earth's green skin poking through thin layers of fluff and frost.

Ghoulish sentinels stood guard in the yard along the cobblestone path. Their leering but empty eyes fixated on each child seeking riches from the home. Cloth, plastic, and vinyl bags in hand, each sought to be possessed by candy; their owners working their way from house to house to fulfill the dream.

Smiles, laughter, and cries of delight from costumes, the packs of scary scavengers lit up the neighborhood. Older brothers and sisters tugged siblings along, their mind on returning home. The kids played and ran with each other through the back streets, parents yelling precautions to the winds. Deaf ears and sugar induced frenzy setting the night ablaze with families enjoying their Halloween.

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