Hold Back


Hold Back

The pale glow of the screen illuminates his face. Tired eyes blinking, adjusting to the sudden light dousing a set of furrowed brows. The words on the screen, bolded and blue, caught his attention to a name he knew.

Reading the update his heart sunk. Another disappointment. Another setback. Wondering to himself why everytime things begin to look up, they fall back down.

Flipping onto his back he pulled the covers around him, nestling into the warmth. Staring at the ceiling, the sound of the alarm jostled his ears again. Smacking the clock unconscious, he looked at the time and thought to himself: "half past time-to-get-up o'clock".

Musing over how terrible and utterly unfunny his joke was, he struggled with his clothes and walked into the bathroom. Peering into the mirror, he noted the lines under his eyes and the sour taste in his mouth. Glancing at the time again, he finished his business and grabbed his work bag off the counter.

Stretching one last time, he slipped on his shoes, fussed with the sock getting caught under his heel and then fumbled with the door's lock. Stepping out into the fog and another dreary day of disappointment.

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