Hot. The only word burning in the mind of the pair laying on the floor. The all but empty room was like a sauna, though a fan sat in the window and rotated back in forth, the two still sweat constantly. Their movements drowsy and uncoordinated, one beckoned to the other: lightly tapping on their face and groaning an inhuman moan.

Turning towards the source of irritation, the man slapped at the others hand. Pushing against the ground, the girl rolled over and landed partially on top of him. Her body pinning his arm down she raised her fingers back to his face and pressed against his cheek. Puffing up, he sprayed a raspberry down towards her.

The heat temporarily forgot, she shrieked and laughed as she sprung upwards. Batting her hands in the air as if to ward away the laughter mixing with her own. The man lay with his arms propping his head up, a smug smile of satisfaction lighting his face. Chuckling, he informed her: "you got up first, your turn to get ice".

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