The morning light streams in through the curtains, orange falls across the desk and the girl sitting in front of the mirror looks at herself hard. The day has yet to start and she careful opens the drawer and begins selecting small bottles. A brush comes out and is placed delicately to one side; next a comb and a small pencil are placed opposite.

Again looking into the mirror, her eyes flicker from her lips, to her cheeks, to her eyes to her hair. Deciding the days look in a few moments of thought. She reaches for the creamy liquid in the bottle to her right. Dripping some onto the top of her hand she dabs some onto two fingers and begins making small circles around her face. Blending the foundation together until her face and neck are one tone. A small dash of concealer at the corner of her eyes and nose is streaked across her eyelid, setting the base for the shadows to come.

A small black box is pulled from one of many drawers, opening to reveal four small circles of powder. Each has their place on the lid of her eye: first, the lightest tone gently dusted onto the inside corner, followed by the next tone in the middle, and the darkest color feathering out to the side. The crease of her eye will use the second to darkest color. The plan in place, she takes a flat brush, its thistles thick with color, and swirls it into the first color. Tapping the brush against her wrist she removes the excess powder, then begins to apply.

The soft glow of the powder envelopes her eye as she brushes it on and blends each tone together. Using the tip of her finger, she gently rubs away small mess-ups and gives herself a look in the mirror. The snow globe around her eye makes them look wide, offsetting her nose from her eye and drawing attention. Closing the box, she taps away the shimmering dust before putting away the brush. At the same time, she reaches for the pencil.

She leans into the mirror, mouthing an O, and begins drawing a dark base against her lashes, filling out the bottom and pulling a vivid streak across. She blinks a few times now, adjusting her eyes to the new weight, and then carefully places the eyeliner at the corner of her eye. Using her eyelid as a guide she carefully fills out the bottom of the dark line now running through her lashes.

Next, the top of the mascara bottle is twisted off. A few quick in and out pulls and the spiked brush is coated in dark goo. Before applying it to each lash, she scrapes the top off into the mouth of the bottle. Reaffirmed that she won't clump her eyelashes together, she places the brush at the base her eyelash, and weaving side to side pulls the lashes up and into long glorious waves.

Finally, her gaze falls to her lips. Reaching for her lipstick and gloss, puckered lips at the ready, she kisses herself with a deep red glaze. Filling out the corners of her mouth and drawing in a perfect bow at the top of her lip. Her lips rub together, massaging the lipstick into her lips before she's puckered once more. This time gloss coating her lips in candied sweetness.

Putting each item away into the drawer, she blinks as soon as she's remembered that she's forgotten her blush. Powdering a feathery brush quickly and tapping the excess away she smiles into the mirror. Her cheekbones quickly becoming faintly rosy in the yellowing glow of the sun. That done, she slips away from her desk and pulls down the dress waiting for her on the door handle. In a moment she's stepped into it and zipped. The next, she's standing in front of a full length mirror admiring her work. A pair of black heels pulling her legs into a lengthy show for herself.

A moment is taken. Then she picks up a camera from the top of the dresser. Posing, she takes a few pictures. Angling her body to try to show off the small degree of figure which she has. Pressing her arms together to push her undeveloped chest into some form of cleavage. After a few minutes, she smiles at herself one last time.

Then she picks up her makeup remover, takes off the makeup and dress. Throws on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. Takes a look in the mirror and breaks down and cries. There is no where to go and no way to leave. She curls up on the floor in front of the door, lying there, blanking her mind.

Until she hears her mother call up that it's time to go to school and that good boys aren't late.

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