Meteor Shower


Meteor Shower

Her breath fogged the air between them. The dampened crunch of their footsteps had been the only noise leading to this moment. Now that the time had come, the shiver of winter's blustery winds lent its melody to theirs. Hearts beating, the two reach out and embraced.

The puff of their stuffed coats and the shining fabric squeaked slightly as they rubbed against each other. Mittens vigorously running the lengths of their backs, the two heated each other as they drank the scene in. Twinkling sparks of white and yellow light danced overhead. Their million year long rays rustling through the spindle-like branches of the forest around the couple. Cool night, a black velvet draping to the stars on stage, lay quietly over them.

Clutched within each other's arms and comfortable amongst the snow the two looked upward. Eyes fixated on the suite of stars streaking overhead, a few dashes of light drew their gaze. The small blazes began multiplying, an uneven but increasing pace, erratically filling the world around them with the spectacle of a meteor shower. The heat of their exhales obscuring their vision only when necessity begged them draw breath; such was their enthrallment.

As the torrent of fire overhead slowly diminished, the two turned their faces towards one another. Eyes alight with astonishment and happiness, the pair grinned at one another. With a mischievous tease one broke the silence. Their words drifting into the air and eliciting an equal return. Soon, laughter buried all stillness of the moment, and the couple were happily chasing one another through the woods.

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