The squeek and rustle of popcorn is the only other noise besides the cheesy music playing in the theatre. Leg on the seat in front of her, phone in front of her face, the woman waits for the show to begin. Her thumb sliding across pictures of friends, family, and advertisements, she laughs a little, disturbing the otherwise humanless space.

Door creaking slightly, a man walks into the room with soda and popcorn in hand. He scans the empty seats, choosing an aisle seat a few seats back from the other occupant. He sips, then reaches into his bag and pulls out a book. The dim light makes less than ideal reading circumstances, but the words quickly shine out of the page.

Both people sit, the slideshow of movie trivia ignored in front of them, waitinf for their escape to begin. The actors, words, and flashes of excitement designed to exchange their money and time for the promise of entertainment, the promise of forgetting the woes and issues of what's around them. Both people sit, and they wait.

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