Cascading arpeggios made the already tense room feel more so. The dissonance in the theme had yet to resolve and the girl fidgeted in her seat. Absent-mindedly picking at the paper cup in her hands, its contents nervously downed minutes ago.

Seated in an oversized grey armchair and alone in the room, she glanced over the coffee table in front of her. Celebrity gossip magazines, travel, National Geographic, and a few professional journals lay scattered around a potted plant. She leaned forward, her elbow coming to rest on her black and white skirt, and gently prodded the ceramic. It felt smooth, but had a dusty feeling at the same time. Sitting there leaned over for a moment she forgot why she was there and happily traced the edges of the rustic pot.

Retracting her hand she settled back into the armchair, crossed and recrossed her legs, then folded her arms across her chest. Listening to the piano tune filling the room and occasionally shifting in her seat. The unresolved melody had passed already, lost in tactile distraction she hadn't noticed the arpeggios sweep up hopefully to meet with a break to the dissonance.

Clutching hands together, then ringing and unringing them, she kept waiting. With closed eyes she leaned back into the chair and tried to find a comfortable place for her head to rest. The hard back of the chair didn't make for a great pillow, and after a bit of wiggling she was supported by the small squishy area in the corner where the armrest met with the backboard.

As always, the moment she felt comfortable was when the closed door creaked. Its frame swinging out just far enough for a head to poke out; a head which always did with a smile and greeted her. Standing up, the girl gathered her coat around her, nervously looked into the eyes of the other, and struggled out a quick hello. Stepping over the threshold of the door and closing it behind her.

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