The rain spattering on the window smears the colors of the city below into fuzzed circles. The luminescent sunbursts of color filling the scene with contrasting shadows and light. Occasionally, a vehicle navigating the streets flies past, shining and destroying the darkness between the streetlights briefly.

Blinking, the woman looks down through the glass. Her eyes twinkling with reflected glow. It is dark in her apartment. Only the lights from below cast away the shadows in a few places. She sits musing, sipping a mug of hot chocolate and wondering about life. It's been a long day for her, work, errands, and struggling to relax. Only now finding the calm in her life within the warm liquid she's spinning slowly with a spoon.

Stepping down from the windowsill, she drains the last dregs of her drink and sets the cup down. Gathering her robe around her and tying it off as she makes her way to the kitchen. She pulls out a small tin of leftovers and shovels some onto a plate. Tapping her foot as she waits for the pulsing din of the microwave to heat her food.

Making her way back to the window sill, she resumes watching the streets below. Picking at the now warm food absent mindedly, lost in thought.

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