Small dark patches of water speckled the sidewalk. Coalescing as the clouds overhead, puddles began to form underfoot and soaked into the cracks between each slab of concrete. Muddying and mixing loose sand and dead leaves into a whirl slowly slogging down the gutter of the road.

Amidst this churning scene, the nose of a small black pup edged it's way between the folds of an old pizza box. The hint of grease and cheese, though diluted by the heavy air and water, still wafted from each panel. Scent driven and cold, the dog curled up onto the semi-dry earth beneath the make-shift shelter, whimpering quietly as its quivering body shook violently to stay warm.

The morning rain poured harder, soaking the town and people underneath. Travelers on foot lifted collars and shoulders against the wind, some struggling to keep umbrella's straight. The shins of many splattered with the haste of busy folk driving too close to the curb. Among these, few stopped to pay mind to the box or the dog; children pointed it out but were shushed and dragged along by their parents.

The heat of its breath fogging the air, a small whine emitted from the animal as one person stopped and knelt down. Stroking the damp fur and cooing, the dog looked up into the eyes of the stranger. Its tail beginning to wag, it stepped up onto a knee and licked its new friends nose. Scooping the dog up like a child, the two walked away, huddled together for warmth against the cold rain.

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