Head cradled in the crook of her lover's arm, the younger woman dozed lightly. Barely awake, she stretched her leg out before straddling the man next to her. The room was warm with the gathering heat streaming through the rickety blinds, but the man shivered. Instinctively she pushed herself closer, hot body passing along an embrace of comfort.

Nails grazing the finely curled hairs of his chest, she pushed her cheek against his bicep. The marching drum of the fire inside her partner beat steady against both cheek and fingertip. Its rhythm lulling her eyes closed once again, but not before she stole a glance at him.

Hair prematurely salted along the temples, the young man's face was lined with both worry and joy. The laughter of their night spent together had deepened laugh lines stemming from the corners of his eyes, and left the traces of a smile on his sleeping face. Dark brown hair fell haphazardly around his eyes, framing the slender brow that had arched so quizzically on their first meeting. And immediate interest that had only grown stronger as the two had become friends.

A cool breeze lifted the hair around her face up before setting a strand across it. The wind's gentle touch prompting a closing of the space between the two. Arm reaching out, carefully so as not to wake her, the man pulled a blanket over them. Pushing the locke of hair away and behind her ear, it was now the man's turn to steal a glance at his lover.

Her hair, auburn and long, flowed around her face. Framing a small button nose and petal shaped eyes. The small amount of peach fuzz softening the hard angle of her jaw. The light cast a halo of fly away hairs around her, crowning his bedside companion in orange jewelry.

His hand returning to the space between their faces and resting in hers. Automatically, her fingers curled with his own and the warmth of her breath blew across them. He smiled and lay a light peck on her cheek, his own eyes drinking her in before they closed.

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