Alarm whining, the husk of blankets and groans nestle deeper into the mattress. A bleary blink rustles the particles off of the sleepers eye. The darkness in the room is subsiding, giving way to the light streaming into the room from the edges of the covered window. Grumbling, a searching hand pokes out of the blankets and rustles through the papers to hit the alarm. Turning over and facing the wall, eyes closing once more: the man begins to drift away again.

For a second time the alarm shouts, this time motivating the individual to swing their legs out; pushing aside clothes cast aside the night before and grabbing the ringing noisemaker. With the alarm silenced, a slow shuffle to the bathroom begins. Reaching upward towards the cabinet behind the mirror, a toothbrush is wetted and adorned with paste. A few minutes later the neccesities of the bathroom are finished, and the hurried process of choosing the clothes of the day begins.

Looking through the dresser, a simple T-Shirt catches his eye and is quickly pulled on. A slight hesitation, and the smartphone comes out. Glancing at the weather forecast for any bad whether a quick decision is made to grab a sweatshirt as well. Pulling on pants and socks before packing a bag with a work computer, the man turns and starts to stumble out of the room. Noting a lack of weight on his nose, he turns around with a sigh and grabs his glasses.

Now able to see, he pulls a jacket on to ward away the chill of the rain pittering the pane of his door. Grabbing an umbrella, the man walks out of his home and into the wet chill of the cold autumn morning. A short mental overview taking place: no breakfast, but he's not hungry. No holes in his 6 month old shoes, yet. The umbrella is up and shielding the hole in his bag created by a broken zipper from the rain. No risk of his books being ruined. Walking hurriedly, one sock slipping from lack of tension, he makes his way to the bus stop. Standing, shivering, wondering what might happen today, if anything will happen today, and if tomorrow will be another day of the same.

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