A father and son stood on the side of the street. The slight drizzle and grey weather did nothing to deter the smiles on their faces. The boy was standing with his arms held out in front of him, fists rolled up into balls, carefully learning a game from his father. His hand was underneath his fathers much large fist, then his other was placed on top; next, the father placed his right fist over his sons.

It was a simple stacking game, and as the boy got used to the round motion of the arms they began going faster, and faster, and faster. Until finally, the boy was giggling and laughing as he flailed his arms wildly before hugging his dad and happily crying out "again! again!".

A few more rounds of this, and then the two were playing different games. Schoolyard games, with complicated chants and songs, hand motions, and clapping patterns. The smiles and laughter was genuine and as the father quized the child for more games the younger willingly obliged.

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