Sweat dripped down their bodies. The party stood in a circle, each member laughing, clapping, and smiling as they danced. Hips moving side to side in time with the beat, each one of them singing along to the words blaring from the speakers.

Tunes that they had heard growing up, tunes they had pulled from bygone eras, and tunes that were nothing more than rhythm and bass. The club was dark, but lit by the glow from the bar at the far end and the flashing coloured lights on the stage. Hot bodies jiving and juking back and fro in time with the beat, like the pulsating heart of the club they kept the drinks flowing and the smiles spreading.

The circle of friends were alone on the small stage at one end of the room. Despite being on the rise, in front of everyone, they moved and wiggled with reckless abandon. Not caring who might look up at them and judge. Not caring if an unhappy wall-hugger turned a sneer towards them. They were having fun, and nothing tonight would stop that.

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