Start Again


Start Again

She stood in her living room. Carpet underfoot a little rough against her feet, but warm. The lightweight shorts hanging off her providing the most minimal cover they could while remaining decent. Humidity and moisture in the air already dampening her skin.

Months ago she had stopped her practice. The results of her time spent now lost. Each day thoughts of starting again had popped up, but fell short of action. Nighttime routines had shifted from exercise and well-being, too tired and drawn out attempts to stay awake.

Stretching downward into a lunge her legs shook a little. She dropped both hands to the ground and pushed upward through her shoulders, she steadied herself. Body rising slowly and sinking into the hips, a bead of sweat following her movements as she continued. Trembling slightly, she shifted her stance wider before twisting into her next position. Spiraling her arms, she touched the tips of her fingers to the grounds before raising one hand to the sky.

Allowing her gaze to follow the line of her arm, she looked past her fingertips and at the ceiling. Her balance swaying slightly as she breathed. In. Out. Her ribs expanding and pulling stomach muscles taught as she continued breathing. Slowly bringing her hands back onto the floor, she shifted her lunge to the other side before doing the same routine. Muscles easing into the twists and stretching out her body, she smiled.

It felt good to feel like this again. Her sides relaxing as she laid down and drew her body into an arrow. Legs pointed away from the rest of her body, she flexed her abdominals and lifted slightly. Holding her position and breathing, she could hear her heart pound inside her chest. The sweat now dripping from her body, she shook a little before dropping down onto the floor once more. Relaxed, she closed her eyes and felt the carpet against her skin. Somewhat sore, she snuggled against the fabric and smiled. It was good to start again.

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