The carpeted floor underneath was warm to his bare feet. Curled toes led up to curves of muscle running up his legs. The knees slightly bent and the feet squared beneath hips. Bent downward and arms swaying from one side to the next, his breathing slowed and eyes closed. Staying still for a moment as he collected thoughts together and then let them go on each exhale. Focusing instead on the feeling of his sides unwinding from their long day.

His body slowly unfurling, he brought himself to his full height. Reaching upwords with both arms and wringing his hands out above his head. Inhaling he pushed downward into the ground with his feet and tried to reach as high as he could. A satisfying crack of his spine sent a brief shiver of pleasure through his body. Basking in the moment, he inhaled deeply through his nose -- then slowly let the air flow from his mouth as he let his arms fall down to his side.

Rolling his neck left to right he tried to find areas of resistance. Surveying his body with each breath, he leaned one way, then the next, stopping to feel the tingling sensation of a muscle needing stretching in his left side. Working himself, he twisted slowly and breathed. The air rushing through him and bringing awareness towards areas he was now twisting and stretching. He focused on the sensation as well as the breath causing it; inflating his stomach, then upwards into his chest, he undalated his body and rolled forward into a fold. Sighing contently as he felt the knots in his back unwind.

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