Tea in the Rain


Tea in the Rain

The drum of the morning drizzle against the windowsill mixed with the white noise of the record. It's slow spinning circumference bobbing up and down as it's edges were circled by the small black needle of the player. Light instrumental music graced the ears of a woman reclining on a couch nearby.

Her mouth cocked to one side, holding onto a biscuit out of the corner. Hand curled around a soft covered copy of Harry Potter, the other hand gingerly probing the air above the coffee table. Eyes fastened to the page, her scouting hand lightly tapped the air in horizontally swaying motions until making contact with the warm mug.

Tracing the outline of the cup, she threaded her fingers through the handle and lifted the vessel carefully to her lips. The steam rolling away as she finished chewing her cookie and blew over the top of the tea. It's grassy aroma sweeping over her senses, taking her eyes from the page she shifted her focus to the light brown mixture in front of her. The swirling blend was soon on her tongue. It's refreshing taste sending warmth from her palette to her toes.

Setting her mug down onto the tab after a few more sips, she closed her eyes and shifted her shoulders into the cushioning of the couch. Smiling as the next biscuit from the packaging met her mouth and the text on the page transported her back into a realm of fantasy.

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