They waved goodbye, the woman off to her plans, the man back to his half empty drink. Sipping quietly and lost in thought, he slowly finished his drink before catching the bartender's eye and asking for a dinner menu. The aroma of food that had drifted by him earlier had smelled good.

Ordering another drink, he settled into his chair and pulled out a book. Happily reading and finishing another Guinness before the meal came out. About halfway through the burger the man next to him turned and struck up a conversation with him.

A little tipsy, it took him a moment to realize that he was being talked to. However once the gears turned, he was happily amidst a conversation. And with an interesting one no less. Among the random families and obnoxious fratboy's, a man who had decided to venture between all 50 states of the US had picked him to talk to.

For the next five and a half hours the conversation was lit. Discussing everything from current issues to life goals and upbringing. The two chattered away happily. As the men said goodbye and parted ways they shook hands firmly, whether or not they'd see each other again didn't matter, the two had both enjoyed their night.

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