Trembling like a leaf and shivering as he walks down the cold and frozen pathway, the man stumbles a little. The few drinks he's had having gone straight to his knees and head, it's no surprise his thoughts are incoherent. Flitting from one idea to the next, the restlessness of his mind is only matched by the perturbed twisting of his step. Navigating the iced over sidewalk hardly takes his mind away from it all.

A frigid gust blows across his shoulders, leering at the gaps between scarf and jacket, kissing his neck and burning him with frost. Tensing his back and pulling the coat tightly around him, he struggles on. With glasses slowly falling down his nose he has no choice but to relax his grip for a moment. Pushing his glasses upwards then snatching his hand from his face and back into the slight warmth of his pocket.

Cars slowly churning through the intersection, he waits for a lull in traffic. Shuffling across the street he hardly notices one car fly by him, the driver yelling incoherently. The darkness of the back streets amplifies the crunching of the snow beneath him. The sounds of people migrating from hot spot to hot spot echoing and fading away, he reaches his house, steps inside, and shakes.

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