Unpacking his bags onto the table, the worker tried not to disturb the two managers chatting. Amidst the clicking of cables and whirls of computers coming on he could overhear their conversation. The two were friends, discussing the woman's current situation, boyfriend trouble from the sounds of it, he'd heard about it before when she casually mentioned the significant other as a waste of space.

She carried on, mentioning how she was going to just be friends with him, and that she had assigned him some simple tasks while she was gone. Bringing in firewood, cleaning, draining humidifiers and general housework. On a question about cleaning from the other manager, she mentioned her hiring of a maid for three hours every other week to clean her home.

None of my business, thought the worker as he finished setting up his computers and opened up his work log. Yet he couldn't help but listen as the manager continued. He frowned. It's none of my business, he thought again as he heard the tone of arrogance and superiority filling the air. He wondered why or what the man had done that deserved this woman's complete lack of respect; after all, she was dating the guy for a reason, or at least had at some point, right?

His headphones slipping over his ears so he didn't have to listen anymore, he tapped away on the terminal and thought about it. Wondering what the situation could be like, what reasons are there for one person to think they're above or below another? What happens within the course of a relationship for things to so sour, for the respect of another's being to be completely dropped? Introspectively, he wondered if he was doing the same thing by musing about the two manager's conversation.

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