Standing in front of the crowd, his pink dress shirt triumphantly addressing every eye in the room, the man began talking. His smile chipper and friendly, his hands articulating each point with gestures and confidence. The purple flower pin on his lapel did nothing to take away the focus on his face.

His voice easily stretching to the back of the crowd, the words pitched fervent ideals to each ear. The hopes of progress and the future, the driving urge to succeed and create. Every indication of the man's character was that of a leader. The bright eyes scanning and making eye contact with every empassioned employee. Hoping to pass even a speck of the zeal which was pent up inside of him.

The slideshow, buoyed by statistics and charts displaying growth and impressive marketing force, paid testament to each bullet point. Every buzz word thrown down gilded with green backed pride. And in the center of this was this short older gentlemen. Passionately inviting everyone in the room to join him on the pedastal and drink from their shared success.

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