She smiled and offered her hand. With the music humming to a simple cadence, the pair began dancing. Each note, each pluck, every drumbeat moving their bodies in rhythm. This waltz felt like it was meant for them, the ease in which they moved to the melody fluid and smooth.

Collars and cuffs crisp, his simple suit served a stark contrast to the swirling gown of his partner. Curls of small white lace trim outlined the bottom and top edges of her dress, its swirls climbing up the hem and drawing attention to the curves of its owner. The vivid red of the clothe matched the man's tie and spirit. Their steps were on time, deliberate, and perfectly matched for each other.

As the waltz continued they twirled and box-stepped away from the center. Mingling and nodding to other couples, the pair politely took their leave of the dance floor as the beat came to an end. Clapping in appreciation, the two made comments on the band and exchanged their thoughts. With the next tune boldly starting, they sat down and talked to one another's ear, their plans for the night just beginning.

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