It had been too long since their last meeting. Smiles breaking on their faces, the pair held each other and exchanged greetings. One lifted the other, spinning in a full circle squeeling in happiness while the other wooped and beat playfully at the taller's back. Placing them down, their attempt to start a conversation was cut short as they were lifted up. Barely being lifted more than a few inches by the shorter friend, the two burst into laughter.

Amiably chatting while walking down the street, the two regaled each other of their most current experiences and adventures. Emerging themselves in their time together the two made their way down busy streets, through department stores, in and out of coffee shops and tea houses. The whole time smiling and enjoying themselves.

At last, their day ending, the two pulled together for one final embrace before parting ways. The daylight fading and the night ushering in a comfortable silence between the widening distance of two people.

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