The rain doesn't bother him. Hardly noticing the sloshing of the puddles at his feet, he steps off the street into the sheltered alcove of the doorway. Shaking off the weather, he steps inside the warm glowing room. A waitress walking by, her hair a fiery red, turns towards him and hesitantly opens her mouth.

"A table for one please"

Nodding, she looks over the area then asks if the counter is alright. Her nod returned, they make their way towards a bar stool facing a mirrored wall. From this position he can not only see himself but also the rest of the restaurant. Eyeing each of the customers, he fishes out an old notepad from within his coat. Finishing as the waitress asks him for his drink order.

The sounds of the space move around him, the din of the people, the faint lullaby of a piano player's notes finishing as his voice quivers. With closed eyes, the man shivers then sets his pen to the paper and begins to write.

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