Unexpectedly dreaming again, what an odd way to spend a night
I didn't notice at first, but you were there looking at me
Working at first, in your best chef shirt, illuminated by light
eyes locked and we both froze like deer, caught in each other's fright

I struggle for words as your shift ends and you come over and sit.
Questions. What are you doing here? How long? Why didn't I know?
Smile at me like nothing is wrong, I hold it back, no time for a fit.
The tears boil behind as I try to talk without wavering and with wit

There's a box over your head, trying to tell me something I don't know
No words leave your mouth no matter how much I ask to hear them
I struggle and break, cry while looking down at your face's glow
What could we have been if I had been a main character in your show?

Last updated: 2017-02-01

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