I wonder sometimes if something's gone wrong
did I break down on my road?
While not discontent, it seems to me too long
to sit by myself alone.

But if not for this silence and Chopan's minuets of tunes
—of which only one half dances slow—
When would I reflect? Or inward look and grow
up to embrace a broken world.

World of wonders, small, large, and some unsung,
to their tune I dance and twirl.
Caught in the spin, a friend pokes their head in
unashamed I grin like a loon.

But this is just me: the man who smiles and laughs
who says, on his mind to only a few.
And even to those, secrets I hide
reserved for maybe only two

Not always the same, the ear to my woes:
can't burden too many friends.
Though often unpaid, they accept payment in spades
of my smile when I look up again

To the sky my eyes turn, perhaps too often now,
searching for something up there
Blue skys or grey, it doesn't seem to matter,
if I were to say: “take care”.

Last updated: 2017-03-19

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