Flipping coins like you've been flipping positions
Matters of security? Well they best be tried for treason
Oh wait, no, if it's you not Snowden
Then I guess it's a straight shot to a state's election

So many times you had a chance to confess
You screwed up, but you're unwilling to redress
Done up in ideology, the shoe fits less and less
Guess it doesn't matter now, no one cares about the mess

When you're turning on your heel
putting aside reason for mass appeal
So long as you look strong
You can eye-roll all day long

Laughing at the death of those under your protection
You assured them it was fine, no need for a correction
Roll your own system, it's worked so well before
But now there's "too damaging" secrets knocking at your front door

Last updated: 2016-2-2

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