Six days drowning, grasping for the light
what happened to you, where's the fight?
beaten down and broken over all these years
did you give up and let go? What are these fears?
A quiet reflection, the humming drone of a fan
It's hot out and sticky, but you've shivered again
When do you break down? When do you cry?
Too proud to break down, too numb all the time.
There's no cause or reason for a feeling too far
Wish I was sleeping, but I've noticed a scar

The feeling's dried out and hardly there at all
Tomorrow I'll feel better, hold myself tall
But this moment of weakness, of feeling so thin
stretched on a canvas that I once felt akin
to my aches and my body that just don't quite fit
I'll stare into the dark and then look back in
In this moment of solitude, of feeling for once
An assessment is made. A heart is renounced.
Is that what was needed? Sad lonely reflection?
What good does it do? This quiet confession.

Last updated: 2018-06-21

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