Putting words together like they meaning something at all
Building up your boots, like mud in the fall
Chin up, buck up, gotta stand high
So you can answer, when someone asks why
Why do you do this? This meaningless thing
Playing in decadence, like a two piece king
Wasting away each day of the life
While thousands lay dying, throat under the knife
But that's not me, you kick and you scream
I'm different, special, just living the dream
Craving that feeling, or something close to it
Wrap up that needle and establish the habit

Playing out the story but never being the star
Just a passive observer, always too far
Never making a move, or speaking your mind
Just settling in, write a letter and cry
Out over there your home where your heart
Last took it's stand before falling apart
Still the bruise on your knee from bending down
Another lifetime maybe, but this castles crumbling loud
Holding onto the vision, this foolish delusion
Of coming out of the shell, shrugging off seclusion
But that whispered track that burns in the ear
The doubt, the hate, this self-misservient fear
Every time, each word, every burn, absurd
But the hand on fire, it's a lesson never learned

Last updated: 2015-10-5

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