Drums are kicking down the door again
While that guitar is whining along with a voice
The bass hits low and I think of a friend
Detached and indifferent but I still make my choice

Should I hang out with you at all I wonder
What boils underneath you's released only in fumes
Toxic and choking, fed by golden liquor
I'm no masochist, but I want your smile to bloom

At what height do I escape and breathe fresh air
What cliff must I jump from to feel unimpaired
Searching for answers deep in my roots
Despite your gnawing and snarls when I do

Calm, collected, ready to smile on a dime
I ask how your day was, but never expect rhyme
A different me and I might have been hurt
Used to it now, I watch to stay alert

The usual stops, the usual things
The day by day slug of pain
Living for oneself, I was told long ago
Is wrong, shameful, and will lead to the cold

But if I don't focus or turn deep within
How can I hope to ever fall in love again
Years ago I lost what brought me my joy
"Be more selfish" she said amid the noise

To love another is hard enough
To love without loving yourself is too tough
Seeking answers I walk along the beach
But it's low tide and I'm anchored too deep

Cut the chains and leave the ship to sink
Or drag it along for another minute to think
The ebbs and flows of life will come soon enough
Don't bring me down Bruce, I know you've got it rough

Last updated: 2017-02-19

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