A simple change, not considerate of all involved
You thought you could rely on them? It's a fraud
Without any care in the world, they change what they will
It's signed off, dotted, see it? Right there?

You blinded yourself, and agreed to their terms
Gave up the freedom, and here's a lesson to be learned
The greed and desire, they'll trump the silence
Shut up, it's not right, but it's not always fair

No thoughts about you ever passed through their heads
Maybe a persona or doll, but never a voice in your stead
Just a quiet nodding bobble, a smile on the dash
On this long road to ruin, you've clamped down fast

Will you sink with the ship and do nothing at all
Won't you stand up and say something? Or put up a wall
of apathy and sloth, you'll find plenty of your kind
In the bowels of the streets, no food but hive mind.

Last updated: 2016-5-25

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