Fried Chicken


Fried Chicken

Spread across the step like too much butter
You've got the hand on your head while going for another
Comment or two, you're not seeing truth
When you're spitting that shit with your head aloof
Just this casual thing, your fried and dried joke
At the man's expense as the words he chokes
Just doing his job and you're laughing it up
With your casual racism, it's got to stop.

Sitting dead still, still paralyzed 'cause
He thought he was equal in the eyes of the law
But here you are dragging this country back
Treating this man like a servant just cause he's black
Do you even realize just what you have said
Or were you thinking you're clever inside of your head?
A jokes a joke, light hearted fun
But when you comment like that you've got a smoking gun

With your trussed up self. Make up too smooth
How much time you spent could be better used
Making the inside clean instead of the out
Yeah his rights don't end because he didn't shout
So here it is, my rhyme, my pissed off flow
Because trash like you ain't nothing but foes

Last updated: 2015-11-2

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