Goose Step


Goose Step

Goose'n two steps forward and one step back
You'd never believe it'd come to that
Swing it left then right, legs walking tight
On this rope we hang praying, for light

Populous city, people doing their thing
Don't bother me, an' I'll do the same
No interest in the higher power
'cept when the votes down, to the last hour

Feel the burn, can't stump me now
Political slogan somes only know-how
That common man, kept too Damn busy
Work for hours, get home, lazy

No interest in that local ring
Of politicians deciding their king
Until he bleeds, from their decisions
Won't make a fuss, living submission

To the rich, the poor, the middle class
A way to move up, way outta grasp
That welfare check better min wage
Then that entry position that never pays

A few come up, those underdog tales
Giving hope to a few, the rest despair
There's no looking back when you've got debt in remision
It's climb now, Climb, or get put outta commission

The work to do, the changes due
A system doesn't change just for you
This turnstile game between the people
Always swinging back under the grand prez's steeple

No God or king, just an elected official
Saying words of peace while launchin' a missile
Count countries we're bombing but not too loud
Snowden letting on to keep that ear to the ground

Each day each hour a problem to address
Never letting up, when you've got that Illness
Got that junkies high, shaking an' never standing still
The consumer life treating ignorant's ill

What little there is to go around
Swallowed by big fish, with promise abound
To spread that feed among all its workers
But costs are costs, got hidden shark lurkers

So that common girl, she takes the loan
Got to get educated, got to pick that bone
Shut away for years from society
When she gets out, watch out, up and coming

With that social change, that drive of mind
She worms her way inside the hive
Every night she prays for her better world
Everyday they try to beat 'er into the mold

Buck up, face up, she's trying so hard
Got that bill to pay so can't lose the job
Eyes on her, the boss always looming
Before too long, a CEO is grooming

Making millions on the good of her word
Got that white collar life, the pain too old
To look back, feel trapped, walk in those shoes
Thrown in the closet when she joined the elite few

"A success for me is a step forward for we"
Bring out the broken, bottom dollar charity
Then write off the books, bring down the tax
Goose'n two steps forward and one step back

Last updated: 2015-9-7

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